Secure and sustainable

Our mooring buoys are engineered for reliability, safety and eco-sustainability.

We know your boat depends on your mooring setup to hold no matter what.

So every mooring solution is built to endure.

Mooring Buoys


Site Survey, Problem Analysis and Solution Design

First, we thoroughly understand your situation, your vision, and your needs:

  • Aerial footage analysis
  • Depth sounding and seabed sample
  • Local historical weather pattern analysis
  • Boat size, windage, and displacement
  • Worst possible weather conditions (summer only, all-season, exposed ocean, protected bay, etc.)

Then, we design the right solution for you:

  • Decision-making assistance
  • An optimal solution engineered for every individual case

Mooring Buoy Materials

We use the best, most modern materials to ensure safety, reliability, and ecological sustainability.

We mostly use pyramid, mushroom, and helical screw anchors, which provide vastly superior holding strength compared to other options.

We strongly discourage the use of cement blocks, which are antiquated, and unsafe options that pose a threat to the environment.

Precision Install

We slowly lower the anchors onto the seabed and carefully observe the final position according to GPS readings.

Our deployment method allows for the repositioning of the mooring buoy if necessary.


Our Mission strives to be the most convenient resource that supports responsible mooring buoy use and ownership in Canada, with an emphasis on safety and marine enjoyment.

Currently, many boat owners pay significant amounts for boat slips in marinas because they are anxious about the common misunderstanding regarding the security of mooring systems.

Here at we provide you with information about the advantages and disadvantages of mooring systems. We try to empower boat owners to have the knowledge and tools to either purchase or create their own secure, cost-efficient and environmentally-friendly mooring solution.

We encourage responsible ownership to emerge as the top priority when deciding whether or not to use a mooring system.

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